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Global Travel Investments Ltd (GTI)
Investor In Emerging International Travel Markets

We are an international investment company, actively seeking new business opportunities in the global travel and tourism industries, with a special interest in the development of travel and tourism through the growth of aviation.


We welcome proposals for travel business opportunities wherever they may be but especially those in emerging travel industry markets, such as Eastern Europe, the CIS, the Middle East, China, India, South East Asia and Latin America.


Rest assured we can take projects forward from an initial idea to their full completion, drawing on our considerable experience in the areas of business management, marketing, planning and financial investment.


Substantial Investment Funds Available For Promising Ideas
We consider no project too small and we can ensure a robust approach to funding can be provided for the right travel based opportunity, no matter what the size of the project involved.


While we will look at all opportunities in all geographical areas, we have a particular focus in the following emerging markets where we have investment partners ready and waiting.


Our network of offices and Travel Angels cover the below areas (please click on the specific tab to find out more):

Poland & the Baltics

Poland along with the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have experienced some of the biggest economic growth in Europe over the last decade. Now part of the EU these countries provide some of the best business conditions in the region. Increasing interest in leisure markets and rising consumer confidence have been some of the key drivers of a growth in air travel. The recent economic downturn has only led to more opportunities for investors, including a plethora of Government led schemes helping to attract new business growth.

South East Europe & the Balkans

The Balkan States, now commonly known as the Southern Eastern European countries, especially former Soviet Bloc countries such as Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Romania, all offer great travel and tourism business opportunities, especially for leisure travel, such are the astounding landscapes, climate and history and the relatively low costs of the region. If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur seeking to enter or expand into markets in the Balkans / South East Europe and you are seeking an investor / partner and / or specialist travel business advice then we would be happy to hear from you. 

CIS & Russia

Russia and the other countries which form The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) made up of former Soviet Union states, including Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus, provide many opportunities for new travel businesses. Whether it be serving the charming coastal resorts of the Crimea or wine tours of Moldova, eco holidays in Mongolia or business travel to Moscow and St Petersburg the outlook is positive for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to take the initiative in these emerging markets. Meanwhile, established Eurasian markets, especially Turkey, now one of the fastest growing holiday destinations for British and European travellers, offers equally optimistic investment opportunities for both mass market travel and tourism businesses and niche businesses serving specialised markets.

Middle East

The Middle East continues its rapid expansion as an international travel destination with large-scale development programmes underway in the hotel, leisure and airport sectors. Growth in arrivals to the Middle East region in 2010 is estimated at 12 per cent. In the airport sector alone at Abu Dhabi and Dubai airports, the UAE in particular is establishing itself as a major global travel hub for business and holiday travellers. Passengers transiting through Abu Dhabi International Airport are expected to reach 20 million per annum by 2015. Elsewhere Doha, Qatar is another Middle East destination experiencing consistent growth in leisure and particularly business travel. Qatar’s selection as the location for the 2022 World Cup finals is expected to provide even further travel business investment opportunities for the region.


Like many other improving travel investment markets such as China, Brazil and Russia, India continues to benefit from steady growth in inbound and outbound tourism via Europe and globally. India has eight million inbound tourists annually, but also, there are now 20 million Indians travelling as outbound tourists each year. UK citizens alone make almost a million annual visits to the subcontinent, making it one of the UK’s most popular long haul destinations, with an increasing take up of online flights and package deals. Some of the enormous investment opportunities in the Indian travel industry markets right now reflect these trends including online and Internet business models and niche travel agents. New travel and holiday businesses and especially Online Travel Agents (OTAs) targeting niche Indian travel combinations, including tours, accommodation and travel packages are some of the current growth trends.


China’s travel and tourism industry continues to expand at unprecedented levels in line with the country’s staggering economic growth. In 2010 more than 1,000 new hotels were under construction in China and major international chains will continue to invest heavily in new hotels in 2011, especially in Beijing and Shanghai. The World Tourism Organisation forecasts China will be the world's largest market for tourism by 2015 with much of the commerce expected to be generated online. Internet sales for Chinese travel and tourism products now already outstrip offline sales. China not only looks set to benefit from increasing local and outbound travel but also higher numbers of inbound visitors, including business travellers. For many years to come China will be offering unrivalled business and investment opportunities.

South East Asia

South East Asia’s developing economies offer many lucrative opportunities for new travel business entrepreneurs and investors. The region continues to enjoy annual tourism growth of ten per cent. Increasing awareness of the unparalleled natural beauty and historical treasures of South East Asia, and in many cases completely untouched landscapes, will ensure the need for a variety of new travel and tourism services in forthcoming years. Factor in an increasingly fertile climate for business development, especially in mature economies such as Singapore and Thailand, and it is clear that South East Asia will offer many options over the next decade for those who wish to invest in travel and tourism.

Latin America

Latin America, like other emerging travel markets, is experiencing significant travel industry growth with annual increases of eight per cent, and in particular airport industry expansion. Panama, especially at Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, is developing into a major hub for flights across Latin America while Brazil continues to be Latin America’s fastest growing aviation market. Sao Paolo Guarulhos, Brazil’s busiest hub, will play a major gateway role for the World Cup in 2014 and for the Summer Olympics in 2016, resulting in periods of previously unmatched travel to the region and many new opportunities for investors.


We Focus On Business Growth In Emerging Travel & Tourism Markets

Global Travel Investments(GTI) is determined to look at all travel and tourism projects, especially in these emerging markets, and scope out those opportunities with potential with the intention of acting promptly should the right opportunity arise. Should funding be required we will assemble an investment committee dedicated to bringing the project to completion.


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